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It’s not just a tagline, it’s how we live and work.

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We are determined to deliver promises. When we make commitments to our customers, we strive to deliver on those promises. Because our success lies in customer satisfaction. imitatie horloges replica watches

SivaGopal Modadugula

Founder and Chairman
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Our Values

Message Icon MSRvantage Trust through transparency
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Trust Through Transparency

We earn trust through honesty, integrity, and candour with teammates, partners and customers.

MSRvantage Determined to succeed
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Determined to Succeed

We are driven by passion and value purposeful disruption. We whatever it takes to deliver on promise and strive for perfection through constant improvement.

MSRvantage Win as a team
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Win as a Team

We are committed to culture of teamwork and collaboration. We value the enthusiasm, skills, capabilities and contribution of employees. We celebrate diversity and delight in shared success.

MSRvantage Freedom to innovate
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Freedom to Innovate

We encourage innovation and are committed to equality. We respect people, value empathy, and care for planet and humanity.

Why MSRvantage

  • Proven technical and delivery expertise – from Track and Trace, Asset Digitization, Smart Contracts to Rewards and loyalty programs.
  • Innovative delivery models that unlocks business values.
  • Relevant solutions that meet real world needs.
  • Delivers enhanced security, greater transparency and instant traceability.

MSRvantage, An MSRcosmos Group Company

MSRvantage is IT Services subsidiary of MSRcosmos Group, U.S.-based multinational conglomerate. MSRcosmos Group is focused on diverse ventures ranging for IT services to real estate and education. Together, both companies believe that business success and serving humanity are symbiotic and strive to excel at both. Please visit to learn more.

Our Leadership Team

SIVAGOPAL MODADUGULA Co-founder & Chairman of MSRcosmos Group

Chief Strategy officer

BALAJI KANDREGULA Director - Products and Solutions

Vice President – Technology

Pradeep Kumar

Corporate Relationship Officer

DEVI KONDAPI Co-founder & CEO of MSRcosmos Group

Executive Board Member


Marketing Strategy And Communication

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Commited to empower businesses in their digital transformation by offering state-of-the-art technologies.

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