3 ways to make building maintenance efficient

Feb 2, 2023

Building maintenance is often limited to whether the heating, ventilation and air conditioning in residential and commercial areas. Supervisors are relied on to solve a lot of the problems in building maintenance. Manual inspection and detection are not always accurate and taking care of all things at once can become cumbersome. Asset management and maintenance can be so much more than HVAC for instance how much energy is the building consuming? What is the operational cost of the building? Is it secure enough?

Critical systems should work when there is power failure. Having real time data on all of this is important to make maintenance economical. Fault Diagnosis and Detection systems (FDDs) are enabled and they can optimize HVAC but they can become more dynamic with IOT. These systems can analyze energy consumption rates and future energy consumption. They can also factor in data on current flow and voltage and collect real time data on all of it. FDD systems coupled with ML (Machine Learning) will help in identifying problems easily and ensure the building maintenance supervisors have the right data to solve those problems. IOT based FDD makes sure that asset management does not rely on manual process and ensures all real time data is collected from equipment running in the building.

1. Equipment maintenance: Since FDD records data of every single thing happening with equipment, it can predict when it needs a service check next. This used to be a manual process and often regular service checks used to be missed out. FDD can detect faulty equipment that is consuming too much energy and alert supervisors about it.

2. Tracking and tracing: FDDs can trace equipment that consume too much energy. Tracking and tracing is an important aspect of IOT embedded FDDs as it helps with asset management thoroughly. It can tell the history of an equipment and helps keep track of equipment maintenance and trace back records and data too.

3. False alarms: One big advantage of IOT based FDDs is limit false alarms. Identifying problems that cause inconsistency and trigger false alarms is not possible in basic building maintenance systems. ML component in FDDs will not only effectively sidestep these problems but also suggest solutions to these problems.

4. Economical: Maintaining a building or complex is expensive and next-gen FDDs help asset management become economical.

Whether its businesses expanding commercially or residential complexes, critical systems and complex equipment are being added in and keeping track of them and their energy consumption with FDDs are a game changer. With MSRvantage, explore the world of IOTs and their potential in Fault Diagnosis and Detection systems, to make sure you’re covered in building maintenance with efficiency and ease

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