Everything you need to know about telematics

Oct 14, 2022

Telematics brings together two different fields of telecommunications and computer science (informatics specifically) for it to work seamlessly.  It’s essentially a method to track vehicles and other assets using GPS and on-board diagnostics (OBD) to map the movements of the vehicle/asset while also collecting data on vehicle usage, maintenance requirements, fuel consumption and servicing. 

So how does telematics work? 

At its core, Telematics is a smart tracking device that can collect and store information on every small detail of the vehicle from fuel usage to idling time, tire pressure, location, harsh driving habits and so much more. It can transmit the data back via cellular network or satellite to a central server which then decodes and analyses the data for end users to view. 

With proper software, the data reports can be generated to understand how the vehicle and its driver perform and to calculate costs of maintaining the vehicle/asset while figuring out sustainable and efficient ways to maintain fleet. Fleet managements benefit immensely from this technology since most commercial vehicle are equipped with this during the manufacturing phase. 

Benefits of telematics: 

  1. Proactive vehicle maintenance: 

It helps in tackling vehicle maintenance issues remotely. Detailed service information and real time alerts about the vehicle can help clients take accurate decisions regarding problems and how to solve them. This also saves on regular repair expenses and makes sure that safety is taken care of 

    2. Reduces management costs: 

Fuel is becoming expensive and managing it correctly will help fleet managers save a ton of costs. Operational costs are also cut because of smart route planning and comparing idle versus driving time which can determine how to improve this particular issue. The ability to pre plan routes makes the entire process more efficient and productive.

     3. Streamlines manual tasks of payroll: 

Since telematics records all information in real time, employers can keep clear records about the distance a vehicle was driven and how much time it took. This can enable to automate payrolls accordingly 

     4. Makes track and trace easy: 

In supply chain, tracking and tracing asset is vital and to have the entire delivery tracked in real time is very helpful for customers and company. Company staff is able to give proper customer support when figuring out delivery estimates. 

      5. Future of Telematics 

Telematics will become an important part of transportation industry and since businesses are increasingly becoming multidisciplinary, telematics will soon be part of other industries as well. 

This technology will spread to open market places and business management as well. Now with smartphones and tablets, the closed-only hardware specific- ecosystem of telematics will evolve to this piece of tech being applied in simple downloadable apps. Businesses will be able to automate a lot of their delivery and billing systems 

Navigating this new evolving tech can be quite daunting. At MSRVantage, our services will help you integrate telematics intimately with your business, so that it boosts your efficiency and productivity. Our track and trace solutions will help you manage your fleet and fuel simultaneously thereby helping you reduce your operational costs while also supporting you in giving the best service to your customers. 

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