Importance and Benefits of Improving Consumer Insights through Digitalization

Mar 3, 2023

For many years, gathering consumer insights required listening to focus group recordings or going through letters that consumers sent in with concerns. Such times are long gone in favour of attentive social media monitoring, analysis of user behaviour on websites and apps, and spending money on app-based loyalty program participation. The newest innovation in tracking consumer preferences is the digitalization of tangible goods using QR codes. Consumers are more likely to access information about a product’s origin or customer comments when they are encouraged to scan or otherwise engage with it, which results in the generation of additional data. The end result is enhanced deeper customer insights. 

Businesses must now more than ever adapt to consumers’ growing desire for digital solutions. Businesses are depending more heavily than ever on digital technologies to survive and adapt due to the decline in in-person contact. The use of cloud, mobile, big data, and social in the first stage of digital transformation paves the way for enterprises to gain higher operational efficiency, better business insights, and deeper consumer interactions. Technology that encourages data-driven intelligence for greater real-time decision-making, as well as technology that enables or enhances automation, are all part of the next phase and will lead to even better results. 

What is digitalization? 

In order to focus on a more product-driven, customer renewal and retention-led growth, it involves employing technology to either develop new, or improve existing business processes, work culture, and subsequently, customer experiences. This becomes even more crucial because growing business depends on maintaining customer loyalty, which lowers churn. It assists business owners in identifying a revenue increase driven by consumers. Don’t attempt it, though, only for the sake of trying. Before spending thousands of dollars on it, be certain of your objectives and the procedures you want to be automated. Every new function or tool ought to fit with your objectives and those of your business.  

Benefits of Improving Consumer Insights through Digitalization – 

 1. Build and enhance customer loyalty: 

Organizations that understand the significance of the end-to-end customer experience, both online and in-person, will build a more devoted customer base, from expediting the on boarding process to rapidly addressing complaints. Building and maintaining client loyalty requires the use of technologies like AI-enabled customer relationship management solutions that can create a seamless customer experience across online and offline channels and deliver data in real-time to aid in problem-solving. 

 2. Data transparency: 

Digitalization not only makes it easier to gather user data to gain new insights into your customers’ preferences and buying patterns as well as help you create more effective marketing campaigns, but it also makes it easier for users to understand what personal data is being collected and how it will be used. It is crucial that users have the ability to manage and periodically examine their personal data on your site. By going digital, you can ensure your clients that this process is accessible to them and that no other parties are involved, among other things. This contributes significantly to fostering long-lasting partnerships and client trust.

 3. Improve employee satisfaction: 

Many staff deals with consumers on a regular basis, and when they’re not pleased, those employees take the brunt of it. Also, workers who are assigned monotonous, repetitive jobs are less likely to take any actions that may help their business attract new clients or retain existing ones. Automation combined with analytics tools that deliver pertinent client data in real-time to address problems can result in devoted customers as well as happier, more effective staff.

 4. Reduce costs: 

Automation, real-time analytics, and other technologies can help organizations streamline their operations and uncover tasks that don’t require human interaction, such as compliance checks or document signatures. As a result, not only can an organization save money and time, but also improve employee satisfaction.

 5. Online information access 

As information may be stored in the cloud, customers can easily access what they need when they need it without having to directly contact customer service or customer success staff. If you run an online store, your customers may access all the information about their previous purchases, track their current purchases, and cancel, refund, or place new orders independently.

 6. Automated processes 

Clients adore automation. Customers frequently choose to communicate with computer-based apps that are accessible around the clock in today’s society. Many believe automated systems are more courteous and quicker. We may thus conclude that we have arrived at a point when clients desire automation to be a component of a customer satisfaction strategy. 


Customers these days need a consistent experience across all platforms, both online and offline. Without the in-person alternative, companies are adopting new technology and services that focus on the good customer experience in an effort to keep their present clientele and draw in new ones. Businesses are extending their technology portfolios to include tools that support data-driven intelligence for improved real-time decision-making, as well as those that enable or enhance automation to drive even more improved customer outcomes, regardless of where employees are seated. This is done in order to build on a digital foundation that includes cloud, mobile, big data, and social. 

MSRvantage Rewards and Loyalty program, helps organizations meet the fluctuating changes in the growing market demand and achieve better business opportunities by accelerating digitalization. Thereby reducing costs, enhancing brand loyalty, and facilitating intelligent working for reliable business agreements with functionalities such as-

  • Brand promotion and protection Customer loyalty and rewards  
  • Improved Customer Engagement  
  • Helps in Customer Acquisition  
  • Secondary and Tertiary sales insight 
  • Drives higher trade promotions 

With effective brand socialization and loyalty program, MSRvantage helps businesses retain their customer loyalty with top-rated loyalty solutions that encourages customers and enhance value propositions with intelligent automation. By heightening the customer experience, MSRvantage help companies across different industries retain their customers. 

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