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Nov 25, 2022

They say good marketing makes the company look smart, great marketing makes the costumers feel smart. Marketing strategies change as consumer taste changes and that they have impacted brands and businesses immensely. Since competition is becoming more neck and neck, companies are spending an enormous budget on marketing. Every single industry you can think of is in deep into figuring out how to make their marketing strategies more easy, creative and draws in additional customers for them. 

A lot are now taking advantages of tech advancement and looking for marketing automations software to make their job easier. These kinds of software automate a lot of marketing actions or tasks like emails, social media or messaging. It helps people involved with marketing streamline work, segment and customize marketing experiences for consumers. Blockchain technology has helped further this cause by its ease and efficiency, disrupting the way marketing is done.  

Blockchain is distributed ledger on a shared network accessed by all participants in a chain or process. It records data within the form of a block which is linked in a chain, and it is secured via encryption. Blockchain makes automation easy to use, secure and enables transparency across the entire network. 

1. Improvement in campaign performance:
Since participants can view the whole process completely and with clarity, this helps keep every participant involved in different parts of the campaign in sync with every thing that is happening in the campaign. On the other hand, teams can offer suitable campaigns to their audience as each unit will have precise and clear updates on customer data. This way both ends of the spectrum is managed while tracking and tracing of these campaigns will make sure the customers are not disturbed with repetitive ads. 

 2. Security and safety:
Blockchain are decentralized systems meaning no one person controls it. Every participant can record data on the ledger and since the data is immutable it cannot change. Partition of data reduces burden of off marketers. They can access precise client data they require to create targeted campaigns and users will be shown or guided to the accurate campaign according to their usage data.  

3. Recognizing fake/counterfeits:
Often times consumers won’t see ads online due to inaccurate data or lack of control on where and when the ads are displayed. Major marketing companies end up losing a lot of money because of this discrepancy and using blockchain to automate marketing software ensures that every part of the process is streamlined to work properly. As mentioned before blockchain gives transparency and track/trace ability which enables marketeers to track their ads and see if they are being displayed online or not. 

Marketing is another way for companies to interact with their consumers besides their delivery of product and product itself. Its important for companies to build trust and maintain that. While their originality and products do build that, seamless marketing that makes good use of the data accrued targeting the right customers will take businesses ahead by leaps. At MSRvantage, we offer solutions to automate and customize your marketing software to suit your business requirements. MSRvantage enables you to leverage the power of next gen blockchain services and creativity of marketing to gain advantage in this competitive industry while creating an invaluable brand name. 

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