Right tools for making autonomous cars smart and safe

Sep 5, 2022

For many years, self-driving cars have been the dream of mankind. This concept recently went from being “theoretical” to being “available on the market” due to the incredibly quick advancement of technology. The emergence of autonomous vehicles has improved road safety and efficiency, changing the way people live, work, and play. Enormous processing power and experience in large-scale production software are needed to achieve these innovative benefits. 

Self-driving is more capable than ever thanks to today’s fast computers, graphics cards, and data storage. It will lessen traffic congestion and improve road safety if it gains popularity. 

The autonomous decision-making mechanisms in self-driving cars. They can handle data streams from various sensors, including cameras, fleet tracking systems, radar, GPS etc. The underlying principles of the whole transportation sector are about to alter thanks to autonomous vehicles. The use of connected and autonomous vehicles will transform fleet management, posing both challenges and opportunities for the industry.   Here, we examine the specific effects that automation is expected to have on fleet management. 

How fleet management will change the AVs game for good: 

  • Lower accident rates: Accidents do occur. And the costs are significant, both in terms of human lives lost and subsequent financial losses. Accidents are even more expensive when it comes to fleet management because they result in lost production, insurance payments, and growing repair expenditures. 
  • Low operation cost: Of course, making the transition to a completely autonomous fleet will be expensive at first, but the expense will ultimately pay off.  By 2050, it is anticipated that fuel consumption would have decreased by 18% for trucks and 44% for passenger cars. There is little doubt that operating autonomous vehicles will be less expensive than doing so with conventional ones. 
  • Bringing Down Congestion Cost: Because car occupants might engage in other activities, autonomous vehicle technology could also significantly lower the cost of congestion. This drop in gas prices has the potential to result in an increase in overall vehicle miles travelled, which could worsen traffic congestion. The overall impact on traffic congestion is still unknown, although technology may also enable higher throughput on highways due to more efficient vehicle operation and less delays from incidents. 

Manage your fleet in real-time: 

Your network of autonomous vehicles is controlled by MSRvantage’s fleet management solution. Its flexibility and modularity allow you to customise your fleet to best suit your demands and diverse operating scenarios. 

MSRvantage functionalities: 

Simplified tracking: Keep an eye on the whereabouts of the car to plan routes, monitor fuel economy, organise vehicle maintenance, save fuel, and take appropriate action. You may access everything from minor problems to complicated features thanks to APIs that cover a wide variety of functions. With the help of this monitoring system, you may see current details about cars located at the location. 

Mobile tracking system 

We give you access to the control mobile view. Vehicle operators and field operators can track and manage their fleet of autonomous vehicles using this software on a smartphone or tablet. 

Rewards and royalty program: 

Due to its simplicity, security, and flexibility, MSRvantage’s rewards and loyalty programme has the ability to enhance loyalty programmes for both businesses and customers. Users can obtain and use reward and loyalty tokens that are supported by numerous programmes through MSRvantage. 

A journey towards a driverless future/ conclusion  

There will be changes in the transportation sector. Intelligent businesses and fleet managers will be aware of these developments and have a clear strategy for adapting. The future of your firm in the transportation industry may depend on how your fleet responds to the impending AV revolution. 

No matter how your fleet is configured, MSRvantage is prepared to assist. Check out our fleet management options, or use our mobile apps to modernise your service offerings. 

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