Improve Brand's Visibility With An Integrated Loyalty Program


In competitive market, entrepreneurs are scrambling to meet new wave of consumers looking for new norms and niche products. Businesses are emphasized on product quality. Selling old expired, and counterfeit cosmetics gives negative impact on brands image.
MSRvantage’s Loyalty program enables businesses to mitigate competition on price because can duplicate the product, the discount, but not the value of soft rewards are unique to company brand. Moreover, the Track and Trace traceability solution eliminates the counterfeiting from entire supply chain.

Shield up your product :

Fight against counterfeiting

  • Blockchain-based immutable, highly secured tag ensures the originality of product
  • Stop the entry of counterfeiters into your entire supply chain
  • 24/7 tough fight to counterfeiting and customer engagement

Make digital shield for counterfeiting

Product Authenticity Protection :

To detect the authenticity of products, with QR codes made accessible to everyone whether you buy the product or not. Get the rewards and loyalty points inside the product after the purchase is made.

Digital Capabilities :

  • Timestamp product information
  • Obtaining data of entire journey of a product
  • Programs for rewarding customer
  • Loyalty programs for attracting people
  • Referral programs

Integrated Deliverables of MSRvantage


  • Anti-counterfeit Solutions
  • Track the Entire Product’s Journey
  • Referral Programs
  • Customer Reward and Loyalty Programs

Promote Your Products on an Evolving and Adaptable Platform

  • Product suggestions Based on Location:

    Stop the entry of counterfeiters into your entire
    supply chain

  • Influence of Impulsive Decision-making:

    Influence buyers during their decision-making process

  • Golden up the Opportunity:

    Allow your best marketing advertisements to be seen
    when it matters the most.

  • Product Description:

    Allow your products to tell their own stories and benefits.

  • Socialization of brands:

    Significantly raise your product’s impact on the internet
    and ratings.

Rewards, Loyalty and Customer Engagement

Product Description :

Customers earn loyalty points when they buy your product and scan a hidden tag.

Customer Engagement :

They can redeem their loyalty points
on their next purchase of any of your
products in the future.

Customer satisfaction :

They are enjoying cash discounts, and
you will gain loyal customers

Benefits :

Focus on your core business, let us handle the rest

MSRvantage Determined to succeed

Data Security

MSRvantage Determined to succeed

Business Continuity

MSRvantage Determined to succeed

Supply Chain Visibility

MSRvantage Determined to succeed

Stop Customer Migration

MSRvantage Determined to succeed

Catch the Counterfeiting

MSRvantage Determined to succeed

Making Business Strategy as per Current Market

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