Digitize Your Supply Chain with MSRvantage IoT Traceability Solutions

Create a better traceability system for your industry using IoT sensors combined with blockchain. Implement MSRvantage IoT-enabled traceability across your supply chain, and certify authenticity, security, and origin using the Internet of Things- IoT. Accelerate your digital supply chain transformation with MSRvantage.

Industrial Automation With IoT

  • Enhances Process Efficiencies
  • Creates end-to-end Operational Visibility
  • Reduces Asset Downtime
  • Increases Productivity
  • Provides Accurate Data for Sensible Decisions

Digitize, Optimise and Automate your Supply Chain

  • IoT- Automate the flow of information and data processing across your chain with the Internet of Things.
  • Sensors- With the utilization of sensor network, leverage the flow of information by collecting real-time data.
  • Telematics- Enable product transparency and traceability, capture data, and provide in-depth insights across an entire fleet.
  • Smart automation- True end-to-end visibility with next-gen technologies such as AI, ML, and IoT.

IoT-enabled Traceability for Improved Visibility

  • Cargo Detection
  • Fuel Level Monitoring
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Component Tracking and Compliance
  • Real-time Visibility of Events
  • Brand Protection
  • Stores Event Data with Tamper-proof Solutions
  • Effective, Efficient, and Reasonable

Blockchain-IoT Association for Traceability and Transparency

  • Easy authentication of products using IoT sensors.
  • Manage your assets better and enhance trust with real-time updates.
  • Optimize your fleet’s turn time
  • Eliminate the possibility of counterfeits.
  • With end-to-end transparency and a trusted environment, detect irregularities arising in your supply chain.
  • IoT solutions for data security and safety.
  • Helps organizations meet compliance requirements and get through to customers efficiently.

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