Improve Visibility Across A Secure Lube Chain

Greater progress has been made in the lubricant industry- but to ensure sustainability, verify and validate materials, eliminate counterfeits, and retain customer loyalty has always been a challenge. The solution lies in having a fully traceable and transparent supply chain for lubricants.
Counterfeiting is a significant issue for lubricants as it causes significant damage to the brand if the deception goes undetected. Hence, it is crucial to combat the flow of counterfeit products making their way to the marketplace.
MSRvantage Track and Trace solution provides the ability to identify the present and past locations of all products. Ultimately, it helps you fight fraud and counterfeits by providing a complete view of the complex product journey. Integrated with customer rewards and loyalty program, it also increases new customers and repeat sales.

Guard Your Brand :

Battle against counterfeits!

  • Deeply secured identification tags with the enormous power of blockchain to ensure the authenticity of the lubricants.
  • 24×7 monitoring for detecting irregularities arising in the lube chain.
  • Counters and discourages pretenders to market fraud lubricant products under your brand.

Automated Anti-counterfeit Solution

Product Authenticity Protection :

To detect the authenticity of products, with QR codes made accessible to everyone whether you buy the product or not. Get the rewards and loyalty points inside the product after the purchase is made.

Digital Capabilities :

  • Timestamp product information
  • Obtaining data of entire journey of a product
  • Programs for rewarding customer
  • Loyalty programs for attracting people
  • Referral programs

Product Authenticity Protection :


  • A comprehensive view of the product journey.
  • Customer rewards and loyalty programs.
  • Time-stamped detail of products.
  • Referral programs.

With the Support Of MSRvantage, Protect and Promote Your Commodities Effectively

  • Brand Protection :

    Demotivate imitators to sell fake lubricants under your brand with effective anti-counterfeit tags backed by patent-pending technology and AI.

  • Real-time data based on 24×7 tracking :

    With end-to-end transparency in real-time tracking promote secure exchange of data and workflow.

  • Consensus-based Ledger :

    Store high-priority information in a tamper-proof and distributed ledger.

  • Eliminate Intermediaries, Save Cost :

    With the use of Smart contracts eliminate intermediaries hence saving cost.

Rewards, Loyalty and Customer Engagement

Product Description :

Consumers can receive rewards and loyalty points when they purchase your product.

Customer Engagement :

Consumers can earn loyalty points by scanning the hidden tag.

Customer Satisfaction :

Consumers can redeem loyalty points on their next purchase of any products in the future.

Benefits :

Focus on your core business, let us handle the rest

MSRvantage Determined to succeed

Business Continuity

MSRvantage Determined to succeed

Lube Chain Visibility

MSRvantage Determined to succeed

Eliminate Counterfeiting

MSRvantage Determined to succeed

Helps you make Business Strategy as per Current Lube Market

MSRvantage Determined to succeed

Data Security

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