Encounter the Best-In-Class Telematics Solution and Analyze Your Driving Behaviour With MSRvantage!

A scalable, portable, elastic, and device-agnostic IoT platform focusing on Telematics. With high-quality fleet monitoring service capable of providing flexibility, including safety and sustainability, improve visibility into operations conditions in real-time, and enhance efficiency.

  • Improve Fleet Safety
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Boost Service Excellence
  • Monitor Sustainability

leverage telematics technology to boost profit margin every day

  • Real-time communication coupled with routing apps.
  • Driver monitoring to align with regulatory standards and reduce damage to the freight.
  • Lift equipment availability to meet customer demand with better fleet and driver utilization.
  • With vehicle sensors, drive fleet overhaul and replacement planning.
  • Improve and streamline compliance with mobile telematics technology.

advantages of our solutions for your business

  • Simplify Vehicle Tracking :

    Monitor vehicle status and location to optimize routes, track fuel efficiency, coordinate vehicle maintenance, conserve fuel and take corrective action. With APIs covering a wide range of functionalities, get access from a single parameter to complex features.

  • Hardware Device Agnostic :

    With multiple types of telematics devices configured, just power on any of the devices and configure them to send data and get started instantly.

  • Highly Customisable :

    Every customer has diverse use cases. Hence our platform, along with all the pre-built solutions is highly customizable. MSRvantage allows customers to pick and choose the solutions in a cost-effective manner.

  • Exceptionally Secure :

    The platform and the solutions are built with security in mind. The data entering into the platform needs to have a valid token and should be encrypted.

  • Guaranteed Up-Time :

    With each and every component built in-house, the alerts and fail-over means are in place to take care of irregularities as soon as possible. Thereby ensuring the uptime.

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