Know Your Supply Chain With MSRvantage - Proven Traceability Solutions For Every Industry!

World-class traceability solutions to streamline your production with a robust system that tracks work-in-progress in real-time. Ensure quality and boost productivity with improved safety, reduced counterfeits, increased visibility, and sustainability.

  • Trace your supply chain and manage all your compliance
  • Flexible to all industries
  • Get support and advice

unleash the enormous potential of a blockchain-enabled business network

  • Monitor events and metadata associated with a product.
  • Reliability regarding the origin of the product.
  • Manage product distribution to avoid wastage.
  • Time-stamped, tamper-proof transactions providing a single source of integrity.
  • Access records in real-time along with saying ‘yes’ to security with blockchain’s immutability.
  • Ensure sustainability and agility with Track and Trace models enabled by blockchain.

advantages of our solutions for your business

  • Brand Protection :

    Prevent and demotivate imitators to sell fakes under your brand with effective anti-counterfeit tags backed by patent-pending technology and AI.

  • Real-time data based on 24×7 tracking :

    With real-time visibility, end-to-end transparency, and a trusted environment, promote a secure exchange of data and workflow.

  • Consensus-based Ledger :

    Store high-priority information in a tamper-proof and distributed ledger.

  • Eliminate intermediaries, save cost :

    Facilitate complex contract discussions without the use of intermediaries and reduce the cost and error associated with it.

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