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Aug 29, 2022

In today’s world, businesses are at the forefront of digital transformation. As a result, they find a need to implement a trustworthy technology backbone to accelerate new business models and reduce the complexities of information management and collaboration with different business partners. With the emergence of effective technologies, the demand for effective solutions has also increased.

Revennew helps organizations meet the fluctuating changes in the growing market demand and achieve better business opportunities by remoulding rewards and customer loyalty programs and transfiguring traditional contract processing with smart contracts to gain efficiencies. Thereby reducing costs, enhancing brand loyalty, and facilitating intelligent working for reliable business agreements.


                                   Transfigure the traditional contract processing with smart contracts and facilitate intelligent working for safe, reliable, and digital business agreements.

  • Supply chain efficiency- Smart contracts in the supply chain can trace the different obligations, payment terms, and penalties, while hybrid smart contracts can aid track shipments, affirm customer identities, observe quality control, and trigger settlement payments using data from IoT networks, web servers, blockchain, and enterprise backend.
  • Reduced intermediaries- Blockchain dairy industry smart contracts reduce the need for intermediaries. The seller and buyer can enforce the transaction without the need for a middleman. This means faster transactions and fewer manipulations. The contract can directly be exchanged between the parties. This also reduces the waiting time for contracts to get processed.
  • Data security- Blockchain with smart contracts offers a verifiable and trustworthy representation of data over a network. Blockchain being immutable provides accurate data. It simply cannot be modified without the right authorization. It also provides transparency which enables parties to learn about the current status of the contract and ensures that there is no ambiguity among the parties. One can transfer assets safely without having to worry about the content being modified by a third party.

                                          Remould and enhance your rewards and customer loyalty solutions to gain efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance brand loyalty.

  • Improved Customer Engagement – Customer engagement is crucial for business these days as it lays a direct impact on the brand. Rewards and loyalty programs have now become an excellent way of increasing engagement and cementing customer loyalty. Revennew ensures complete customer engagement and helps in bolstering the bond between the brand and its customers. Thus, by building brand affinity, Revennew aids businesses to stand out in the crowd and gives the brand a competitive edge.
  • Helps in Customer Acquisition – A happy customer is a vocal customer. Referral programs offered by Revennew can further support building brand advocates and bring in more referrals. Loyal customers influence new customers and refer the brand to them. Revennew offers great rewards, promotes brand advocacy, and tremendously widens the customer base.

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