Simplified Access to Medical Records with Blockchain

Nov 12, 2021

Support patient data security, and create ease of data handling with blockchain in healthcare for doctors.

If you take the example of stem cell banking, it maintains and keeps records of the stem cell’s owners for many years. It is a difficult task to maintain the correct conditions required to transport stem cells from the hospital to the lab. Additionally, keeping one it the stem cells for a life long term is a complex task. As each stage is operated by a human being, there may be chances of human error. In stem cell banking, users need to enrol the stem cells into the stem cell bank. The journey of stem cells starts at the hospital, where cells are removed from the umbilical cord. cord, then, blood sample of the mother is collected by the doctor to check for transferable diseases.

All samples are placed in a kit provided by the stem cell bank. Stored samples are then couriered to the laboratory. Even though there is a personalized courier service from the stem cell bank, there is no eye one to keep a watch in on the entire transfer process, which results resulting in creating a prone condition for a sample ofthe cell samples to get become misplaced. Courier services transport these samples through the airport. Special treatment is required to handle this parcel, for example, as it should not pass through the X-ray machine. Handling such parcels risks security. The owner of the stem cell is completely unaware of what is happening with their stem cells.

Once the stem cells reach the laboratory, tests are conducted Then, the samples are processed. The sample preservation process requires certain specific conditions. Though the labs maintained it and handle stem cells, the user is completely unaware about this entire process as there is no technology to bring that transparency till the date of the invention of blockchain.

MSRvantage’ blockchain solution will help to simplify this process of medical data handling. With IoT integration, MSRvantage ensures the safe handling of the healthcare cold chain.

Blockchain As A Solution

Managing Health Records:

As we have seen in the above example, hospitals are handling very sensitive data of the patient. They are personally-identifying information of their patients. They are facing a very hard time keeping that data safe. This complete system can be made more secure so that only people who are authorized to view the information can see the data. The person who has the private key on the blockchain network will be the only one who can grant that authority to the patients. This gives them complete control over how the information is shared.

Accessibility To The Currency Of Every Country:

Accessibility to the currency of every country: As every country has a limitation for currency to maintain their wealth, some medical treatments required more money than their nation’s limit, so in such cases blockchain gives a better way in the form of bitcoin, which solves the biggest issue of the healthcare system.

Keeping A Record Of The Clinical Trial:

It is observed that clinical record is not maintained even though it is strictly advised by WHO and WMA. These records are used by researchers to design and conduct the studies. This saves time, money, and other resources and reduces the possibility of redundant or ineffective trials. Those previous clinical records help to treat the people in their critical illness.

Patient’s Data Theft:

Blockchain stored stores real-time encrypted data which can easily capture if anyone tries to make changes in the clinical record

Prevention Of Misplacement And Fraud:

As mention in the above example, one can keep track of patients’ data in real-time and if we integrate it with IoT sensors, we can see how our data or samples are getting handled.

Counterfeiting Solution:

Blockchain gives us a platform to identify fake and original drugs and save many lives by providing genuine medicines to end-user Blockchain helps in the healthcare industry in many ways. Implementation of blockchain has become a the need of the era.

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