How to improve your fleet’s fuel economy?

Oct 10, 2022

Fuel prices have reached its peak, these days what with inflating and recessive economy. Not to mention even global supply chains have taken a major hit due to the pandemic. However, despite all these snags work must go on and managers are trying to find ways that are cost effective to their company in terms of fleet management and consumption of fuel.  

You will see the word Fuel economy tossed around a lot when talking about fleet sustainability. Fuel economy is the fuel consumed by the car in the distance that it travels and is usually measured in miles per gallon or mpg. Essentially an efficient and improved fuel economy will have increased mpg, reduced costs and increased sustainability. First of all, understanding and improving faults will help improve your fleet’s fuel economy immensely: 

  1. Using the right type of fuel: 

Choosing the fuel type that is accessible and can be used by most of your trucks is important. You will need to consider fuel prices, regular servicing, emissions, regulations and if you need to convert the vehicle’s semi engine. Using the right fuel will help maintain your costs and reduce greenhouse emissions.  

  2. Maintenance: 

Having regular maintenance be a part of your fuel economy is a good practice. Identifying small problems like leakage and corrosion will definitely affect your fleet if its covering long distance and increase overhaul cost.  Making sure to have a clean air filter will reduce fuel to air ratio cost and consumption. Little things always make the big difference. 

   3. Choosing an efficient route: 

Optimal route planning will help drivers have an easy way on road. They have to navigate highways and public transits and having a set route that has guaranteed efficiency will not only help with time sensitive deliveries but also reduce fuel costs. Optimal route planning involves considering idling time and driving time, fleet mpg vs. average mpg and mpg on flat versus rough terrain. All of this is important to calculate before choosing the best route for your fleet. 

All of this however can be looked after through a single method of monitoring called Telematics or Fleet Tracking. It’s a way of keeping track of cars, truck, equipment and other products by using GPS. What it does at its core, is keep a detailed record of every instance of your fleet – whether its idling time or fuel needs or pressure in tire. This data helps reduce maintenance cost and gives fleet managers learn more about the driving habits of their fleet, not to mention improving fuel efficiency as well.  

For businesses that deal with fleet, fuel is their number one operating cost and investing soundly in it is good business practice for them, since these days fuel has become expensive. With MSRVantage, we will support you with best in class telematics solution. Armed with a scalable, portable, and device-agnostic IoT platform focusing on Telematics, it will include monitoring service capable of providing flexibility, including safety and sustainability, improving visibility into operations conditions in real-time, and enhancing efficiency. A easy and smart way to improve your fleet’s fuel economy. 


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