Smart Contracts Revolutionizing the Fintech Industry

Apr 6, 2022

The use of computer algorithms or some technology to facilitate the financial industry is referred to as financial technology, or ‘FinTech.’ Government agencies, businesses, customers, and researchers have been paying attention to the sector since early 2014. Blockchain in FinTech first appeared as the distributed ledgers of Bitcoin, but it has only recently gained traction for implementation in other FinTech services like payment processing. Today, financial firms and other market participants are approving the nature of FinTech¬†owing to the development of blockchain technology. The development of FinTech has been hugely aided by the introduction of smart contracts in Blockchain.

About Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are one of the essential advantages of blockchain technology. Smart contracts are a type of computerized transaction that carries out the terms of a contract. This means that all of the contract clauses are stored in the computers of the people who are carrying out the transactions. A central authority or third party is not needed to support these transactions because they are auto executed when certain conditions are met (the algorithm’s codes that conform to the smart contracts specify these conditions).

To perform more complex functions, smart contracts can be combined into decentralized applications within decentralized finance. Smart contracts’ significance in FinTech is becoming increasingly apparent. By integrating two simple concepts into one powerful concept, this new type of agreement improves the accuracy and verification of global transactions. Smart contracts in Fintech are most commonly used because they address the issue of trust in conditional transactions. Payment processing, clearing, and settlement of financial instruments, trade finance, and regulatory technology all benefit from smart contracts.

Advantages of Smart Contracts in the FinTech Industry

Smart contracts provide a level of certainty as they run automatically, eliminating the need to spend time processing paperwork or correcting errors in manually written documents. Smart contracts in Blockchain can be executed in minutes at a fraction of the cost of traditional contracts. FinTech can benefit from automating the flow of digital assets and payments, leading to new products and business models. Financial institutions do not need to rely heavily on post-trade financial market infrastructures because blockchain smart contracts reduce monitoring and enforcement costs. Smart contracts provide transparency in FinTech without sacrificing credibility. Contractual partners are more liable to one another as the verification of contract terms is decentralized. Overall, smart contracts in Blockchain have the potential to change the way people make agreements.

Use Cases of Blockchain Integration in the FinTech Industry

As global processes become more digitized, smart contracts are becoming more widely used and easier to create. They are a viable alternative to traditional contracts, which are often inefficient and costly. Smart contracts can now be used to improve various financial and business processes. They are, in essence, self-executing, self-enforcing protocols with explicit terms and conditions. The following are some examples of Smart Contracts in FinTech:

  • Establishing Trust Through Smart Contracts: The ability of Blockchain to efficiently establish trust through smart contracts is arguably the most impactful application of Blockchain in finance. Smart contracts are similar to physical contracts in that the contract’s terms are fulfilled in real-time through the Blockchain. Smart contracts are advantageous, particularly in the finance sector, for various reasons, including Payment Processing.
  • Simplifying Payments: One of the most appealing blockchain applications in Decentralized Finance is its ability to process payments while maintaining data integrity instantly. Smart Contracts in Blockchain simplify payments to the extent that it feels like clicking a “send” button on mobile phones.
  • Advancing Trading and Investing: By reducing complicated and time-consuming processes, high costs, and security risks, blockchain technology has the potential to transform the stock market. Blockchain technology, which includes smart contracts and a decentralized process, ensures to enhance the investment process’s speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Blockchain in FIntech

  • Loyalty and Rewards Programs: Most companies’ current loyalty programs are challenging to keep track of, outdated, and vulnerable to data breaches. According to a recent survey, 75% of customers believe businesses don’t do enough to protect sensitive customer data. In addition, hacking into customer loyalty program databases accounts for 31% of all data breaches. Smart Contracts in FinTech is the best solution for making safer and robust customer programs
  • Digital Identity: A digital ID is the only viable way to provide everyone with an ID in the shortest time. This is why digital identity is such an essential part of Decentralized Finance. In 2017, nearly 60 million digital identities were compromised, with over 40 million credit card and bank account information stolen from financial institutions in the United States. Hackers can be stopped in their tracks using blockchain technology.
  • Digital Marketplaces: One of the most popular Decentralized finance use cases is the creation of marketplaces that connect buyers and sellers, relying on smart contracts to enable direct exchanges without the need for an intermediary or a broker.

Companies like PayPal, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Mastercard, and FinTech technology startups are using these solutions provided by smart contracts to find the solutions mentioned above.

MSRvantage’s capabilities in Blockchain:

Smart Contracts from MSRvantage provide increased security by removing the risk of deletion, manipulation, and revision. Smart Contracts from MSRvantage offers a more verifiable method of integrating rules and policies. MSRvantage Smart Contracts automates the contract execution process and effectively adjusts costs and compensations by eliminating intermediaries, intending to achieve a higher level of collaboration between different parties across the chain. The tamper-proof feature ensures that transactions are executed correctly. So, MSRvantage Smart contracts can be used to automate and streamline business processes across the FinTech industry.

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