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The dairy sector has been hit by various scandals in recent decades. As one of the most consumed food categories in the world, the global dairy industry now accounts for more than $827 Billion, accounting for nearly 14% of the world agricultural trade, with milk being the third-largest commodity. Although they are consumed regularly by many people, they are very vulnerable to health problems. As the dairy products on the market become more and more diverse, the supply chain becomes complex and cumbersome, requiring reliability.  Blockchain technology is gaining tremendous traction all over the world. This is precisely where the Dairy blockchain appears to be the only solution to the trust and quality dilemma.  The use of blockchain in the dairy industry guarantees confidence in products and heightens food safety, it will be introduced as a tool for efficient traceability and to combat food safety issues.  MSRvantage is the preferred partner for our customers in all sectors when it comes to driving change through blockchain. We ensure transparency of the food supply chain using Blockchain technology.  Integrating blockchain into the dairy sector will enhance food quality and safety monitoring and create a decentralized platform that will connect farmers and consumers. 

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food safety
Food Safety

Blockchain technology can reliably ensure monitoring of every batch in the dairy chain.

In the event of foodborne illness, blockchain makes it very easy to find faulty links and discard all affected batches. Implementing blockchain throughout the supply chain will make it easier for consumers to check product quality before making a purchase, which makes food companies more responsible.

quality testing
Infrastructure for Quality Testing and Assurance

Concrete evidence of product promises and certifications (labels, third-party audits, etc.) will also increase trust.

In this case, the blockchain facilitates certificate verification by providing independent certification organizations with relevant data (for proof of origin, environmental footprint, animal welfare, etc.). This makes certificates easy to obtain/maintain and becomes more relevant to consumers.

Livestock Management

Biometric sensors monitor the physiological and behavioral parameters of farm animals and allow farmers to assess the health and well-being of the animals over time.

Then your milk counters or your farm management software could provide us with the milk production of these cows and create a complete profile of your cow within the blockchain. Until now, it is completely transparent to you. As soon as a truck collects your milk, you can easily confirm the transaction between you and the sales company through the app.


Track & Trace Solution

Traceability in the dairy industry is achieved through a number of methods, ranging from traditional recording on paper to sophisticated and advanced technologies. 

Track and trace solutions offer complete dairy supply chain solutions to deliver the best possible product. QR code is placed on the product to trace the journey of the product. Advanced countries implemented barcodes. The QR code thought to be superior to the linear barcode because it allows for more data storage and encryption while being more environmentally friendly. Product Track and Trace will be a viable technological solution to the challenge of mining and managing information throughout the dairy supply chain.

Smart Contracts

Blockchain with smart contracts can enable dairy industries to make immediate network transactions without any mediator. Smart contracts on blockchain refer to computer protocol that can be self-executed and verified without any human interventions.

Smart contracts are known for their rigidity and assurance. They are just the beginning of a smart future. Blockchain dairy industry smart contracts are an agreement that executes itself automatically when parties meet predefined scenarios. Smart contracts in dairy industry establish a common language between producers, retailers, and regulators. Thus, simplifies the business and improves information flow and data quality exchange.

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