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Insurance companies operate in a highly complex and competitive environment. With the prevailing challenges like error-prone claims and payment procedures, security threats, impacts of COVID crisis, increasing fraudulent claims, improper claim management, etc. implementing blockchain in the insurance industry proves to bring a positive change and growth by introducing more automation and tamper-proof audit trails. Blockchain addresses all the insurance industry challenges and enables growth, increases effectiveness, and reduces cost by automating the processes. Since it involves multiple stakeholders to share, update and verify information continuously, it is well suited to the insurance industry. By the year 2023, the blockchain in the insurance industry size is projected to grow at a rate of 84.9% CAGR. The significant reason behind the growth of blockchain in the insurance industry includes the emerging need to have transparent and trustworthy systems because of the increase in claims-related frauds.  

MSRvantage blockchain in the insurance industry digitizes assets and optimizes business processes by deploying solutions that deliver value to businesses by cutting costs, reducing duplication of transactions, and providing reconciliation and authentication for commercial and regulatory reasons. 

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Fraudulent Insurance Claims

MSRvantage blockchain in the insurance industry reduces fraudulent insurance claims by creating trusted, tamper-proof,

industry-wide records of claims by eliminating data silos. Validation being the core of blockchain, it verifies the authenticity and identifies fraudulent activities. It also grants customers more control over access rights and their other private data. This promotes a high degree of trust and loyalty between the insurers and customers.

Payment Application

Insurance companies are making use of blockchain technology to revolutionize payment applications as the implementation of

blockchain in the insurance industry for payment reduces risks and improves efficiency and transparency in payment systems across insurers. MSRvantage blockchain technology provides flexible payment options without complex manual processes. It also provides real-time payments against assets. Thus, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Cost Reduction Pressures

Through automated verification, customer identity, contract validity, and auditable registration of claims from third parties,

MSRvantage blockchain covers the tasks handled by several executives in an organization and eliminates the possibility of human mistakes. Thus, it reduces administrative and operations costs.


Smart Contracts

A blockchain with smart contract eliminates the need for human intervention. For starters, this reduces the possibility of the

mediator being manipulated and promotes transparency. Because smart contracts are kept on a blockchain, logged transactions are visible to both parties. Second, it significantly accelerates claim processing. Third, it reduces the insurer's administrative costs. As a result, corporations can cut rates while expanding market share. Fourth, because policies are securely recorded on the blockchain, neither the insurer nor the consumer may "lose" agreement information.

Rewards & Loyalty

An insurance loyalty program is a customer retention strategy that allows insurance service providers to retain their existing

clients better. Long-term connections are more likely to be fostered by an insurance loyalty program designed to make clients feel more appreciated than just consumers of insurance products. Furthermore, offering bespoke experiences as program incentives demonstrates that you have a thorough awareness of their unique requirements.

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