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Blockchain Technology has been in limelight for over a decade for its profitable and efficient use cases, seamless yet ground-breaking applications in numerous industries around the globe. The banking and finance sector too have not only considered putting the blockchain technology to use, but also is well aware of the complete digital transformation that awaits to revolutionize the way we transact, loan, insure, and carry about all kinds of financial activities world-wide. 

The Blockchain technology, being a decentralized digital ledger, increases the operational convenience in the banking and finance industry, in addition to increasing the security and dependability.

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Customer record maintenance and Fraudulent activities

MSRvantage’s Blockchain technology stores all the customer records in a decentralized encrypted block

that is not only real-time accessible, but also fraud-proof and reliable. Blockchain makes it more convenient and safer for these records to be shared between different financial institutions and banks.

Transactions and Clearances

Blockchain in Banking and Finance industry simplifies this process by eliminating the need for the involvement of any

trusted third party. Moreover, all the transactions are stored in encrypted blocks that provide transparency and security both, for financial transactions and the payments can be easily tracked with blockchain’s Track and Trace tool. With Blockchain, the payments are cleared fast and easy, saving so much time and effort.

Contracts involving Transactions

If contracts and the agreed upon transaction details are pre-programmed digitally, to get executed when the conditions are

met, it increases trust between the involved parties. This is possible with Blockchain Smart Contracts tool. The transactions are easy, quick and automated to carry out when the pre-defined terms are fulfilled.


Smart Contracts

Smart contracts in financial services provide a source of innovation that can improve existing processes and build new

goods and services. This benefits these companies' bottom lines and contributes to the democratization of finance by broadening the pool of potential customers of financial goods and services throughout the world. Financial intelligent contracts on the blockchain are computer code-enforced agreements that operate autonomously, carrying out financial regulations without the need for a central authority. Smart contracts have significantly increased the number of possible participants in digital transactions by allowing people who don't know each other to engage in agreements quickly.

Asset Digitization

The emergence of digital assets in blockchain is the third revolutionary wave, following the initial explosion of

cryptocurrencies and subsequent enterprise adoption of blockchain. The reinvention of how value is transferred and managed has a major impact right now, and it will fundamentally alter the structure of many businesses. Digital Assets in blockchain are digital representations of values that are neither issued nor guaranteed by a central bank or governmental authority and lack the legal status of cash or money.

Use Cases

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