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The cosmeceuticals industry is about to take off in this fluctuating market. It has a long history of being a game-changer in the world of e-commerce. Companies in the cosmetics industry have always had an uncanny ability to predict what their consumers want. Their customers want to know where a product is made? and, how it is made? Transparency is essential in any industry, but consumers have been particularly vocal about the importance of transparency in the health and beauty industry. The fast-evolving blockchain integration is opening up new ways for beauty brands to interact with customers and blending the beauty industry with blockchain applications.

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MSRvantage Port Management and Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Visibility

The MSRvantage Blockchain-enabled supply chain labels the goods with a simple serialization. With the serialization,

everyone in the supply chain, from manufacturing to the consumer, can track the information. Its integration with IoT devices can make it easier to manage the cold supply chain. To the problem of supply chain visibility, blockchain with its time-stamps and verified data entry offers an innovative solution. It validates customer claims about a product using open-source data such as vegan ingredients or sustainability. It provides comprehensive information about cosmetics brands that are genuinely committed to developing a green and ethical supply chain. Having complete visibility into every link in the supply chain enables consumers to make informed purchase decisions.

Catch the Counterfeiting

MSRvantage blockchain technology has the potential to help consumers and manufacturers to verify merchandise authenticity.

MSRvantage developed a blockchain platform that authenticates both goods and their raw ingredients using a shared ledger. Implement it on existing packaging lines and cosmetic products to prevent counterfeiters from replicating them. Customers will only need to scan the product code into the secure website to receive a detailed breakdown of the manufacturing and sourcing processes, which will help to build brand trust and combat counterfeiting. Now, manufacturers and brands can regain customer trust while increasing revenue. 

data security
Data Security

Customers can use their smartphone camera to upload a detailed skin analysis to a blockchain system.

It enables access to one-of-a-kind and personalized product offerings. Hacking the MSRvantage blockchain network is impossible as it requires high computing power because of this secure nature of blockchain, consumers can share information that improves their brand experience without fear of hacks or misplaced data.


Track & Trace Solution

Track and trace is transforming the market in many ways. The most

important feature of it is digitalization. Its revolutionizing supply chains, redefining business, and operating paradigms in it. It will improve dependability, agility, and effectiveness of businesses.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are known for their rigidity and assurance.

They are just the beginning of a smart future. Blockchain smart contracts are an agreement that executes itself automatically when parties meet predefined scenarios.

Customer review satisfaction feedback survey concept.
Rewards & Loyalty

Customer loyalty programs are the most effective way to combat with challenges.

When it comes to successful loyalty rewards programs, the beauty industry has been a pioneer. This consumer empowerment is an extremely appealing value proposition that beauty brands are utilizing to build stronger emotional connections with customers.

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