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Life science supply chains and operations are critical. Despite the fact that blockchain adoption in the life sciences and healthcare sectors is still in its infancy, companies and other organizations in these sectors are increasingly exploring and deploying blockchain solutions. The most pressing issues of dwindling R&D pipelines, regulatory pressures, and drug pricing, counterfeiting, technological advancements, and the development of patient-centric business models have all become difficult tasks. 

MSRvantage blockchain technology challenged long-held paradigms in the life sciences, emerging as stronger and more resilient solutions. Blockchain solutions are increasingly being investigated and deployed in the life sciences sector. They ensure that life-saving treatments and immunizations are made available to those in need.  Blockchain solutions play a key role in the digital transformation of maintaining networks of distributors, agents, suppliers, and consumers. Blockchain is transforming the entire supply chain of life science industries and bringing digital transformation for the benefit of humans to save the life. 

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Handling Medical records

MSRvantage Blockchain technology produces timestamped immutable electronic medical records. Timestamp gives the

information about the patient’s latest medication. It will help health service providers to understand the health of patients quickly. This cloud-based blockchain solution creates a system that benefits both patients and clinicians by allowing access from anywhere and anytime. So, the quality of treatment provided can be significantly improved when an MSRvantage blockchain secured network use to keep records.

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Supply chain

MSRvantage Blockchain-enabled supply chain places a simple barcode on the goods. Each one from manufacturing to the

consumer in the supply chain can track the information with that barcode. Its Integration with IoT devices can help to manage the cold supply chain. Environmental monitoring of transportation and storage conditions, as well as rapid recall traceability, will aid in ensuring efficacy and building trust. MSRvantage blockchain simplified data management to give easy access to necessary records at any time. Furthermore, in the case of MSRvantage blockchain, maintenance costs are significantly reduced. 

Value-based payments

MSRvantage blockchain is part of a system that connects payment to clinical outcomes. It reduces the number of

fraudulent actions involving appropriate medical billing and reimbursements in the payer industry. Many issues can resolve, with storage and tracking data on the blockchain. It is possible to halt the spread of erroneous prescriptions.


Track & Trace Solution

Track and trace is transforming the market in many ways. The most important feature of it is digitalization. Its revolutionizing

supply chains, redefining business, and operating paradigms in it. It will improve the dependability, agility, and effectiveness of businesses.

Smart Contracts

A smart contract in the life science market is similar to a physical contract between two parties, but it is referred to as a smart

contract in the technical world and is represented by a small computer program stored inside a blockchain. Various real-world applications are using smart contracts in life science services to automate their business processes.

Use Cases

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Track and Trace in Medical Industry

The pandemic has proven the medical industry to be a line of defence in any country. While the medical industry is growing what with new technology and research, persisting problems

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Remould and enhance your rewards and customer loyalty solutions to gain efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance brand loyalty

In today’s world, businesses are at the forefront of digital transformation. With the emergence of effective technologies, the demand for effective solutions has also increased. As a result, they find

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Facilitate a Smarter Way of Doing Business with Revennew

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