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Over the few years, blockchain technology has become a significant part of pharmaceutical companies. Blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry has the power to underpin a wide range of industrial operations, both inside and outside of the supply chain. Hence, over the few years, blockchain technology has become a significant part of pharmaceutical companies. It introduces privacy, transparency, and traceability in the industry. The impact of blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry is huge as it helps save operational costs, personnel costs, support function costs, counterfeit, etc. 

MSRvantage blockchain transforms pharmaceutical industries by eliminating inefficiencies, speeding up transactions, reducing revenue leakage, and providing a seamless supply chain network for suppliers, manufacturers, and logistic operators to establish provenance. Thus, increasing agility by enabling new business models.   

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contracts and document handling
Document Handling and Contracts Management

MSRvantage blockchain-enabled smart contracts bring cost reduction as it helps to remove intermediaries.

Due to its almost instant transactions, eliminated risk of fraud, transparency, and proven information security, blockchain-based smart contracts are widely used in the pharma industry. By facilitating automation, also cut down the headcount required for operational and auditing tasks. Once transaction requirements are met, the smart contract performs the transaction and it cannot be changed without the consent of the authorized source. 

drug authenticity
Drug Authenticity

MSRvantage blockchain being decentralized, eliminates the risk of counterfeits by marking the drugs with a barcode and serializing.

Thus, a drug can be verified from anywhere. This gives customers and wholesalers the ability to check drug authenticity without having to depend on any centralized authenticity.

clinical trial
Clinical Trials

Inclusion of MSRvantage blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry the quality and reliability of clinical trial data.

The trial protocols become more transparent, and with traceability and immutability, it improves the overall clinical trials. With blockchain, the forms can be verifiable with a proper time-stamp and no one other than an authentic entity will be able to tamper with the stored information.


Track & Trace Solution

The pharmaceutical supply chain traceability is critical to ensuring that patients receive the medications they require without experiencing stress or roadblocks along the way.

The supply chain traceability in the pharma industry is quite complicated, necessitating a number of steps to ensure that medications are safely and easily available to patients. Track and Trace solutions become a process of upgrading or establishing a new way of carrying out business activities. This traceability in pharma industry ensures changing customer and industry requirements. Pharmaceutical businesses are using a Track and Trace traceability system and smart sensors to analyze drug compliance and estimate demand across regions.

Smart Contracts

Leveraging the technological advancement, smart contracts in pharma industry can support pharmaceutical development, distribution, and operations.

he pharmaceutical business suffers many difficulties that contemporary supply networks face today, such as recognizing and tracking supply chain events. The pharmaceutical supply chain is complicated and dangerous. Blockchain with smart contracts allows you to automate processes on the blockchain. Smart contracts in pharma industry are being used to avoid counterfeiting. The benefits of implementing smart contracts via the blockchain network in the pharmaceutical business are evident.

Customer review satisfaction feedback survey concept.
Rewards & Loyalty

Loyalty programs for pharmaceutical and drugstores are tools for customer loyalty that appeal to a high-purchase audience.

The blockchain rewards program can provide an innovative way to reduce costs, attract more participants and allow members to redeem flexibly and quickly. Blockchain technology has proven to be a revolutionary development in the pharmaceutical industry. The development of blockchain-based projects in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors will inevitably lead to unprecedented leaps in the overall sector.

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