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Out of all the technologies, blockchain proves to be a highly trusted and one-for-all solution for retailers and e-commerce. Blockchain is becoming a driving force in the global economy. As a result, it is gaining a lot of recognition in the retail and e-commerce sector. By the year 2025, the blockchain in the retail and e-commerce industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 60%.  

MSRvantage blockchain puts an end to all the issues faced by retailers and e-commerce by enabling fast transactions, immutable services, and verifiable delivery tracking without human control. Thus, with reduced costs, faster payments, increased transparency, and improved security, MSRvantage blockchain delivers a next-gen system to the retailers that add value to the business.

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MSRvantage Port Management and Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management

MSRvantage blockchain, through immutability and traceability, serves as a highly trusted platform for suppliers, manufacturers, and other supply chain participants in retail.

It allows suppliers to track shipments and logistics, manage to invoice and provide product origin tracking facilities for supply chain participants and consumers. Thus, MSRvantage helps retailers make their supply chain more agile by automating the processes and simplifying communication within the supply chain.

Fraud and counterfeit goods
Fraud and Counterfeit Goods

MSRvantage blockchain benefits to retail and e-commerce by preventing fraud and counterfeit products.

Validation being the core of blockchain, it verifies the authenticity and identifies fraudulent activities. The retailers can track their goods from the manufacturers and ensure that they are getting authentic products every single time.

cyber threats
Cyber Threats

Blockchain offers the highest level of security in the form of distributed ledgers for e-commerce database management systems.

MSRvantage blockchain is a robust framework that protects data using strong encryption methods. It uses a hashing algorithm to safeguard data from being misused. Implementing MSRvantage blockchain in the retail and e-commerce industry meets the requirement of security and privacy as any changes made in the blockchain will be notified easily. Thus, keeping data safe on a secure network, shields the data from potential hackers.


MSRvantage Track and Trace Solution Icon
Track & Trace Solution

Blockchain technology, when linked with ecommerce, is capable of handling product searches, selection, payment processing, and other things digitally, providing users with a pleasant experience.

Depending on the technological implementation of the block-chain system, e-commerce transactions completed via blockchain retain purchase-related data in an ordered and immutable way, which helps to improve data provenance and traceability. For ecommerce enterprises, a well-monitored and balanced supply chain is a faraway dream. Though it is essential for e-commerce firms, monitoring items, controlling inventories, and centralizing the database appear difficult for enterprises to do. This is where traceability in e-commerce helps to boost overall monitoring.

Man Operation the MSRvantage Smart Contracts in Hand Device
Smart Contracts

Smart contracts in E-Commerce Industry can automate activities since blockchains are used to store them.

They can help an e-commerce business develop by lowering the price of hiring employees to do operations that computer systems can automate. Smart contracts can also aid inventory management. This implies that internet sellers can handle inventory control. The integration of DLT and smart contracts in E-Commerce Industry is revolutionizing the shopping experience. Checklists, management reports, invoicing, and releases may all be automated utilizing smart contracts on blockchain.

MSRvantage  Asset Digitization Services
Asset Digitization

As e-commerce traffic rises and more people start purchasing cryptocurrency, merchants are looking for methods to protect transactions and make the new currencies more accessible.

During 2020-2025, the blockchain in the retail industry is predicted to rise to 1937 million USD at a compound annual growth rate of 60%. Transactions are included in both blockchain and e-commerce. While e-commerce operations rely on them, blockchain makes these transactions safer and speedier. Users may share and securely store digital assets in blockchain both automatically and manually. This technology can manage user activities, including payment processing, product searches, product purchases, and customer service.

Rewards & Loyalty

By adopting MSRvantage blockchain, retailers and e-commerce can easily issue redeemable reward points to their clients.

Retailers can make these points redeemable across different sites as well. With the help of blockchain technology, clients can also benefit from personalized offers and discounts. With the help of these loyalty programs, retailers and e-commerce enterprises can expand their product reach and attract more customers.

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