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Telecommunications companies provide services to various sectors, from individuals to businesses. They operate in multiple categories, namely satellite, wireless, cable, and other sorts of the telecommunications business. Mobile and online communication has never been so important. However, telecommunications companies are now facing a number of challenges, such as high system utilization and security risks. 

Blockchain is an emerging technology that will power the next generation of the internet and has the potential to change the world by enabling transparent environments that are not reliant on trust. It allows untrusted parties to transact, exchange, share and evaluate information without intermediaries. As a distributed ledger, Blockchain technology provides unique solutions to the problems faced in the Telecom industry. Blockchain is an imperishable digital diary made up of transactions (it can be data, currency, or anything with economic value). 

At MSRvantage, with the advent of emerging technologies, we promise to improve the telecom regulatory landscape by providing unique blockchain solutions and driving transformation through innovation.  

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Security- the prime factor (VoIP)

VoIP integration with Blockchain is the architectural choice to decentralize call detail records from

telecommunication platforms, demonstrate interoperability, maintain security and trust in a reliable and anti-hacker system.

Content Distribution Network (CDN) and Price wars

Blockchain technology creates a convenient solution for content delivery networks (or CDNs).

Blockchain technology provides a methodology to optimize the unused bandwidth of servers around the world and connect them to a complex nest of servers that are capable of seamlessly transferring data around the world.

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SLA (Service level agreement) Monitoring

Blockchain-powered smart contracts can help limit disputes caused by manual processes by creating

“one version of the truth” and providing transparency with real-time data. A smart contract determines the SLA status. Based on the status of SLA, the smart contract then calculates the charge or incentive and can make the appropriate payment.


Track & Trace Solution

Track and Trace solutions used to streamline OSS (Operation Support System) and BSS (Business

Support System) procedures such as billing and number portability databases.  Product Track and Trace made billing validation easy for the industries without difficulty. It becomes possible by implementing a cross-company traceability system shared by customers, VAS providers, VPMN, HPMN, and telecom firms. If the receiving operator shares the same traceability in telecom industry with the porting customer's operator. A migrating customer can rapidly be onboard on the network after receiving a porting request.

Smart Contracts

A smart contract is a piece of code that is a computer protocol or basic technological element.

It is responsible for determining the terms and conditions of all contracts concluded between the parties to a transaction in the blockchain. When these conditions are met, the smart contract automatically completes the transaction.

MSRvantage  Asset Digitization Services
Asset Digitization

Anything that can be used as a binary is a digital asset. Digital assets are digitized ownership of all

values. This is the most accurate definition. Although it is a minimal concept at the moment, there are already startups that can convert their assets or cash into digital assets and trade them in cryptocurrency. This tokenization is expected to become a trend in the near future. There are security tokens, hybrid tokens, cryptocurrency products, and more. There are all kinds of digital assets such as utility tokens, tradable securities, ICO coins that give companies access to products and services. These blockchain assets are programmable, but not for investment.

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Rewards & Loyalty

The collecting of customer data (e.g., purchase patterns, transactional history, preferences) and the

customization of efficient telecom loyalty programs have been eased by technological innovation. The introduction of database management software, for example, has cleared the way for a new era in loyalty marketing by providing comprehensive and tailored consumer tracking. The introduction of these technologies has increased customer interest in and access to information about loyalty benefits.

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